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Title: A Data-driven Prior on Facet Orientation for Semantic Mesh Labeling
Authors: Andrea Romanoni , Matteo Matteucci
Comments: Accepted at 3DV2018
Subjects: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)

Mesh labeling is the key problem of classifying the facets of a 3D mesh with a label among a set of possible ones. State-of-the-art methods model mesh labeling as a Markov Random Field over the facets. These algorithms map image segmentations to the mesh by minimizing an energy function that comprises a data term, a smoothness terms, and class-specific priors. The latter favor a labeling with respect to another depending on the orientation of the facet normals. In this paper we propose a novel energy term that acts as a prior, but does not require any prior knowledge about the scene nor scene-specific relationship among classes. It bootstraps from a coarse mapping of the 2D segmentations on the mesh, and it favors the facets to be labeled according to the statistics of the mesh normals in their neighborhood. We tested our approach against five different datasets and, even if we do not inject prior knowledge, our method adapts to the data and overcomes the state-of-the-art.

Title: Deep Pictorial Gaze Estimation
Authors: Marc Jacobs Tartan Sport belt bag Exclusive Cheap Online akziGqrLc
, Adrian Spurr , Rosa De La Cruz 18k rose gold large Eternity diamond necklace Clearance Newest Cheap Low Shipping HL6OtxJ
Subjects: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)

Estimating human gaze from natural eye images only is a challenging task. Gaze direction can be defined by the pupil- and the eyeball center where the latter is unobservable in 2D images. Hence, achieving highly accurate gaze estimates is an ill-posed problem. In this paper, we introduce a novel deep neural network architecture specifically designed for the task of gaze estimation from single eye input. Instead of directly regressing two angles for the pitch and yaw of the eyeball, we regress to an intermediate pictorial representation which in turn simplifies the task of 3D gaze direction estimation. Our quantitative and qualitative results show that our approach achieves higher accuracies than the state-of-the-art and is robust to variation in gaze, head pose and image quality.

Title: Instance Segmentation by Deep Coloring
Authors: Victor Kulikov , Delpozo contrast flared tailored dress Cheap Sale Best Wholesale New Styles Sale Store c0YooC6v
, Etro loose fitted jumper Clearance Limited Edition GS1HP
Comments: 10 pages, 6 figures, 3 tables
Subjects: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)

We propose a new and, arguably, a very simple reduction of instance segmentation to semantic segmentation. This reduction allows to train feed-forward non-recurrent deep instance segmentation systems in an end-to-end fashion using architectures that have been proposed for semantic segmentation. Our approach proceeds by introducing a fixed number of labels (colors) and then dynamically assigning object instances to those labels during training (coloring). A standard semantic segmentation objective is then used to train a network that can color previously unseen images. At test time, individual object instances can be recovered from the output of the trained convolutional network using simple connected component analysis. In the experimental validation, the coloring approach is shown to be capable of solving diverse instance segmentation tasks arising in autonomous driving (the Cityscapes benchmark), plant phenotyping (the CVPPP leaf segmentation challenge), and high-throughput microscopy image analysis. The source code is publicly available: https://github.com/kulikovv/DeepColoring.

Jeffrey: Just so I understand: if I were using Adelle Sans and Adelle in a layout, in theory it could be one variable font that contained the right glyphs and serifs…?

Roger: Yeah, you could have serif axes. All of this started, we saw this with Veronica Beard striped jumper Particular ACDGQP
that Adobe did years back.

Jeffrey: Right, , 20 years ago.

Roger: Yeah. Then, right at the same time, there was a kind of untracked project called at Apple. If you look at the OS on Macs now, there’s a font called , it was based on Greek inscriptions. It’s a beautiful font, and Tomas Maier chequer tflap clutch Purchase RqOG6V
, it was done in TrueType GX. That’s the model of what we’re doing now. When Google heard about what GX had done at Apple 20 years ago, they said, “This could be a real savings on the web!” So, Google was the big impetus to make this happen.

So, they hired our company, Type Network, to make two demo fonts, all on GitHub. If you go to GitHub and look up Amstelvar , or Decovar , or if you go to the Type Network site, you can find these fonts, you can use them now, you can download them from GitHub. There’s a fairly interesting demo going on at the typenetwork.com site. Amstelvar uses these three main axes, and it’s quite exciting. And then Decovar uses lots of others, including the way that terminals and serifs are done on the letters, and decoration inside the stems and stuff. So, it shows you what the potential of variations might be for design, it’s really quite fun. These were both done by Cédric Charlier oversized polo shirt Discount Official Site The Cheapest Cheap Price Supply Sale Online JYUJMin

Jen: Well, my understanding is that, for example, if I want to use Goudy right now, if I want to go and get myself a web font, download, and use Goudy on my website, for my body copy—like, okay, cool. Oh, I’ve got some type I want to do in italics? Well, the person who maybe doesn’t know as much about what they’re doing would just say, font-style: italic; and boom, you’re done. But if you really know a lot about typesetting, you’d realize, no, we don’t want to just take the regular font and make it sideways, like slanted. We want to download the italic font because the italic font is more beautiful.

Okay, so now you’ve got two fonts: you’ve got Goudy and you’ve got Goudy Italic. But then are we going to do some bolding? Okay, we’ve got the bold. Do we need the bold italic? Okay, well that would be four. But that’s too much data, so let me just… I’m not going to use bold on my website. Okay, why? Well, ’cause. So, I’ve got Goudy, I’ve got Goudy Bold

But now I want to do my H1 headlines in Goudy, too, but I really shouldn’t just take my font that was made for 14 or 16-point type and make it 36 points, because it’s not really nearly as beautiful as if I get the Goudy Display font. So, I get Goudy Display. But do I need Goudy Display Bold? Or, actually, they have a Black and they have a Light, and they have a… You could end up with…

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